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Proposed Reforms in Czech Republic's Divorce Legislation

With the aim to simplify and accelerate divorce proceedings, the Czech Ministry of Justice is leading efforts to introduce legislative changes scheduled for implementation in 2025. The proposed reforms aim to eliminate the need for courts to investigate the causes of marital breakdown. The emphasis is on fostering amicable solutions, reducing fees for mutually agreed divorces, and swiftly resolving issues related to property and child custody.

The envisioned changes also seek to unite divorce and child custody hearings, eliminating the requirement for separate guardianship appointments. This motivates couples to reach divorce agreements efficiently, with courts making decisions on both divorce and child custody in a single session. The reforms align with the broader goal of reducing the time and complexity associated with divorce, as Ministry of Justice statistics indicate that divorces without child custody matters took an average of 55 days, contrasting with over four months when custody proceedings were involved.

The legislation also introduces measures beyond divorce proceedings, addressing issues like prohibiting physical punishment of children and imposing higher interest rates for overdue child support payments. Additionally, it advocates stricter penalties for non-compliance with post-divorce agreements concerning child custody.

These reforms signify an important shift in divorce law, aiming to simplify processes, encourage amicable resolutions, and prioritize the well-being of children throughout the legal proceedings.

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